The Gonorrhea Test: How it Feels

July 15th, 2011  |  Published in Gonorrhea Testing

Many people who have never undergone STD testing before have questions about the gonorrhea test: how it feels, how it’s done, and when results become available are usually primary concerns. There are several gonorrhea test methods available today, and one’s experience will mostly depend on the type of gonorrhea test administered.

The Genital Fluid-Based Gonorrhea Test: How it Feels

Some gonorrhea tests are performed by taking a sample of fluid from the area of the body most likely to be infected. For women, this involves collecting cervical fluid during a pelvic exam, and for men, it means swabbing the penis for fluid. The process of obtaining a sample from either the penis or cervix may be regarded as painful for some, but the extent of discomfort usually depends on the patient’s personal tolerance.

The Urine-Based Gonorrhea Test: How it Feels

The urine-based gonorrhea test is the least invasive option available and is therefore regarded as the most comfortable. A patient is simply asked to urinate into a cup to produce a sample. There is no need to undress or undergo further physical examination.

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