How To Prepare for Gonorrhea Testing

July 14th, 2011  |  Published in Gonorrhea Testing

Many people wonder how to prepare for gonorrhea testing. The average gonorrhea test requires minimal preparation, making the STD testing process easy for those going through it.

How To Prepare for Gonorrhea Testing

Instructions on how to prepare for gonorrhea testing will depend on the screening method employed. For a urine test, simply refrain from urinating for 2 hours prior to the collection of a urine sample. For a gonorrhea test that requires a sample of cervical fluid, women are advised not to use vaginal creams and avoid douching for the 24 hours prior to the test. Males undergoing the type of screening in which a penile sample must be taken are generally not required to limit themselves or engage in specific preparatory activities.

Abstaining from Sexual Intercourse

Until gonorrhea test results are available, it is best to avoid sexual intercourse, particularly if STD symptoms are present. Those who test positive for gonorrhea are further advised to abstain from sexual activity until infection has cleared.

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