Confirming Results with the HIV Western Blot Test

July 28th, 2011  |  Published in HIV Testing

The Pros and Cons of HIV Confirmatory Testing

The HIV Western Blot test is an HIV test specifically used as a confirmatory test. In the event of a positive HIV test, multiple diagnostic tests and then a confirmatory test, such as the HIV Western Blot test, must be administered to rule false positives. A negative HIV Western Blot test confirms a false positive result. Running a confirmatory test is a necessary part of diagnosis to ensure maximum accuracy.

The HIV Western Blot is a complex and fairly difficult test to run. It is only utilized when a positive result appears. However, it is very accurate. This HIV test is a highly specific type of antibody test.

Since the HIV Western Blot test is administered in conjunction with the ELISA test, it is run on the same blood sample. There’s no need for multiple blood draws. If a positive HIV result is made from a rapid test, a standard ELISA test must be done so the HIV Western Blot test can be performed.

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